Consultancy: Planning Workshop Facilitator | VECO Vietnam


VECO Vietnam recently started its new 5-year programme from 2017 to 2021. The specific objective of this programme is to ensure that fresh fruits & vegetables (FFV) and rice in Vietnam are produced in safe and sustainable ways and marketed through viable, competitive and efficient chains benefitting smallholder producers. In the safe vegetables sub-sector, VECO Vietnam aims to bring about the following change at the structural level: “Inclusive, sustainable & safe food policies tackling safe vegetables production, consumption and marketing are implemented in Vietnam”.

VECO Vietnam will organise a workshop with its safe vegetables programme stakeholders focusing on both strategic and operational planning.

In order to fulfil this mission, VECO Vietnam is looking for an experienced and qualified consultant to facilitate the programme planning workshop for the vegetables subsector.

Below is an overview of the assignment. More information on the deliverables, requirements and roles & responsibilities of VECO and the consultant are included in the Terms of Reference at the end of this page.

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