We are using Modified Atmosphere Packaging(MAP) under Germany’s Technology, specifically developed for the packaging of fresh fruit and vegetables.
When used with refrigeration at correct temperature levels, MAP bags will extend the life of fresh fruits and vegetables and maintain its freshness.

MAP bags slow down the natural ageing process by removing harmful gasses whilst ensuring that produce does not dehydrate.
Our packaging significantly increases permeability allowing ethylene and other harmful gasses to escape, which considerably reduces the rate of ripening.
Made of low density polyethylene film impregnated with a natural occuring mineral, Modified Atmosphere Packaging is the perfect solution to extend the life and quality of our products.

The benefits are clear as below:
– Reduce wastage. Ensure our products of fresh fruits and vegetables are fresher longer
-Increase our markets. Extend our reach to interstate and export markets
-Improve shelf life and quality. Reduce loss in the supply chain

The result tests as below:
For Fresh Fruits:


For Fresh Herbs and Vegetables:




Source: www.stepac.com